According to SCORE, the nation’s largest network of volunteer, expert business mentors, these are the 10 important steps that every small business should take.

  1. Decide on a Business Type
  2. Protect Yourself With a Business Prenup
  3. Map Out a Corporate Blueprint
  4. Draft a Solid Business Plan
  5. Protect Your Secrets
  6. Stay Compliant With Corporate Minutes
  7. Manage Expectations With an Employment Agreement
  8. Expand Your Abilities With Independent Contractors
  9. Settle on a Location
  10. Plan Ahead

SCORE’s volunteers will tell you that having an attorney in your corner is an important asset for any business. Not sure what you need or how to start the conversation? Then call The Law Office of David C. Minicozzi 203-483-7069 or 203-804-0841 to schedule a consultation today.

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