If you’re a landlord, some of your primary tasks are obvious: find tenants, collect rent, maintain the property as livable space.

But there are many more responsibilities you need to remember. RIS Media’s HOUSECALL blog article “10 Landlord Responsibilities You May Have Overlooked” by Terri Engels lists the following considerations:

  1. Knowing the Landlord-Tenant Laws for Your Jurisdiction
  2. Preparing a Legal Lease Document
  3. The Duty to Deliver Possession
  4. Implied Warranty of Habitability
  5. Respect the Tenant’s Right to Quiet Enjoyment
  6. Completing Repairs in a Reasonable Time Frame
  7. Providing Safety Measures
  8. Reporting Crime
  9. On-Site Property Management
  10. Responsible for Property Manager’s Acts

Click here to read the full article, then call the Law Office of David C. Minicozzi. We can review this list together, and assist with tasks like leases, evictions, and rental agreements.

(“10 Landlord Responsibilities You May Have Overlooked,” by Terri Engels, March 2, 2015 on RIS Media HOUSECALL.)