Matt U, IT Consultant/Owner

Attorney Minicozzi was able to reestablish my IT consulting firm as an LLC as well as provide customer contracts in a fast and professional manner. He is a one of a kind attorney that I can rely on.

Irene K, Realtor

I frequently refer David Minicozzi because he tells his clients what to expect in a forthright manner. Attorney Minicozzi’s clients are thoroughly informed of the real estate process from contract to closing.

Laura C

Attorney Minicozzi helped me with a house sale, a house purchase and a refinance. he and his staff were terrific to work with; efficient, responsive and always helpful. I am happy to recommend them to others with similar needs.

Joe F.

David and his staff are responsive, thorough, and consummate professionals. David has been available and eager to help me and my family for years now. I would trust him implicitly with all of my legal concerns.

James F.

I have been Attorney Minicozzi’s client for more than 20 years. He is thorough, honest, and always helpful, whether it is a real estate matter or guiding us through the will-probating process. He also has infinite patience when answering our questions, which gives my wife and me great comfort and confidence in him. I will continue to use David; he is the best!

Jay F.

I’d like to thank you for all your support and legal counsel over the years. You’ve always been very helpful in discussing my legal issues, especially relating to my real estate profession. Your integrity and professionalism has been greatly appreciated and I look forward to working with you on my future investments and business related legal issues.