10 Legal Steps Every Small Business Should Take

According to SCORE, the nation’s largest network of volunteer, expert business mentors, these are the 10 important steps that every small business should take.

  1. Decide on a Business Type
  2. Protect Yourself With a Business Prenup
  3. Map Out a Corporate Blueprint
  4. Draft a Solid Business Plan
  5. Protect Your Secrets
  6. Stay Compliant With Corporate Minutes
  7. Manage Expectations With an Employment Agreement
  8. Expand Your Abilities With Independent Contractors
  9. Settle on a Location
  10. Plan Ahead

SCORE’s volunteers will tell you that having an attorney in your corner is an important asset for any business. Not sure what you need or how to start the conversation? Then call The Law Office of David C. Minicozzi 203-483-7069 or 203-804-0841 to schedule a consultation today.

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How to Hire an Attorney for Your Small Business

Have you come to this website wondering how to hire an attorney for your small business? Or maybe you want to refer the Law Office of David Minicozzi to an associate, but don’t know how to explain what they should look for in an attorney.

In the comprehensive article “How to Hire an Attorney” in Entrepreneur magazine, author and syndicated columnist Cliff Ennico offers up some good advice about finding, interviewing and hiring the best attorney for your small business needs, including:

• The best time to hire an attorney
• What size firm you need
• Types of Attorneys
• What to ask when interviewing attorneys
• Questions to ask before hiring an attorney
• Where to start looking

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Branford Observes Endangered Species Day

In May, Branford Selectman James Cosgrove and the Town of Branford formally recognized the 13th annual Endangered Species Day and took action to protect threatened species and preserve biodiversity by planting a Franklin tree (Franklinia alatamaha) on Branford’s Town Green. The Franklyn tree — America’s first rare tree – was discovered in 1765 by legendary botanist and plantsman John Bartram and his son William, and named in honor of their good friend, Ben Franklin. The tree is on the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List of Threatened Species, and it’s so rare, that it’s extinct in the wild.

Attorney David Minicozzi, Chairman of the Branford Green Committee, attended the ceremony along with representatives from the Town of Branford, the Community Forest Commission, and Branford’s Inland Wetlands and Natural Resource Commission.

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Photo by Kelley Fryer/The Sound/Zip06.com.

Create an LLC


By David C. Minicozzi, Attorney at Law (Branford, CT)

The first decision a small business owner must make is: are they going to run their business in a business-like manner? That includes the process of creating the business. Creating an LLC – Limited Liability Company – can be a wise choice. But creation needs to be done correctly. Connecticut law provides for certain minimal requirements, however, if the LLC is going to borrow money, or if it is audited, the bank and the IRS will look for further documentation you should have obtained at the time of its creation. If you do not have that documentation it will impede or destroy your ability to borrow money. And that IRS audit will be quite miserable. An attorney can assist in avoiding these pitfalls.

In today’s world, an unfortunate trend exists to discount the use of an attorney in certain type of situations. People are told “oh, it’s just a simple transaction,” or “anyone can write that,” or my favorite, “you can save time and money by having a notary or a paralegal do it, or even do it yourself.” Maybe. But by the time you find out a mistake was made it may be too late.

Don’t let that happen to you. Call The Law Office of David C. Minicozzi 203-483-7069 or 203-804-0841 to schedule a consultation today.

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